TMC Design is the Future of Space and Colorado


Thousands of people are in Colorado Springs this week, and what they're talking about is straight out of outer space.

They're attending the 32nd annual Space Symposium.

Brandon Tripp is happy to show off the latest technology being used by his employer TMC Design Corporation.

"Electronic warfare systems, prototypes, satellite ground terminals, mobile ground systems, a wide range of (Department of Defense) operations," he said.

They're one of dozens of companies exhibiting at this week's Space Symposium, and it has a tie to Colorado Springs.  For TMC Design Corporation, having an office here is an easy choice.

"Other than (the fact that) Colorado Springs is beautiful, it's also a mecca for aerospace," said Tripp.

Space exploration is big business in Colorado, and it's only expected to get bigger in the years to come.

A lot of that business is going to be driven by companies that have a presence in Colorado Springs.

Andrew Merritt of the Regional Business Alliance said, "(We have) 240 plus companies locally that we know of doing business in that arena."

Jay Lindell of the Colorado Office of Economic Development said, "We're leading the industry sectors in both national security space development in Colorado and a very thriving and vibrant industry in commercial and civil space."

And because of that, industry leaders are looking for a few good men and women.

Tripp said, "We have a lot of job openings right now."

To keep that growth going, the city needs to take a few simple steps.

"Just making sure we maintain a business friendly environment," said Merritt.

Thanks to the military, that part of the space industry will continue to be strong.  But growth in the civilian sector is happening as well.