TMC Design offers a vast array of custom electronic warfare systems designed for different elements of the DOD. We work with our customers to design the exact effects they are trying to archive or emulate.

Electronic Warfare system TMC Design

SATCOM Earth Terminals

We have established ourselves as a leading full spectrum solution for terrestrial SATCOM terminals. We have extensive experience in designing, engineering and installing multiple earth terminals around the globe in less time and higher quality than our closest competition.


High Powered Jammers

TMC Design is a market leader in customizable Jammers. The HPJ (High Powered Jammer) featured below is one example of a mobile jamming solution controlled by our DTE software enclosure. It was designed from the ground up to include a custom engineered trailer built in house to withstand the rugged environments these systems will have to sustain. We worked through meticulous details with our customer to ensure it met all their needs and was preconfigured for expansion of future capabilities if needed.  

High Powered Jammer TMC Design


Our military grade, reinforced trailers host a variety of payloads for a wide variety of DOD applications. 

Products include:

  • TMC-20-ATS-MIL Dual Axle Trailer.

  • TMC-23-ATS-MIL Triple Axle Trailer


C4I & C2 Shelters 



Our rapid prototyping abilities are second to none, we typically turn out a product in weeks while others take months. We maintain our proud status as a small business. By remaining an agile small business we can keep  our costs down and pass those savings along to our customers while maintaining our sterling reputation for the highest quality design engineering, rugged and dependable manufacturing, and competitive costs.

Force Protection Products

We are a supplier of high-quality force protection systems.  Used by all DOD branches, our RF & GPS jamming systems are JPO-approved for use in exercises where certified systems are required. While our counter IED systems have been deployed and successfully employed in operational theaters.