GVIS-T (Global Visual Information System - TMC)

GVIS-T Device

Custom tracking/communication/situational awareness system

  • Fastest satellite based tracking/communication tool on the market (Every 6 seconds)
  • Configurable to transmit as fast or slow as you want it to
  • Rugged construction
  • Physical duress button on the device with configurable recipients 
  • Small size 9.7 oz. (h) 5,46" X (w)2.95" X (d)1.01"
  • Charges from a micro USB
  • Long Run Time: 30 hrs. @ 5 min intervals in standalone, 11 hrs. @ 5 min intervals paired.
  • Recharge in 2.5 hrs with 5 VDC
  • Operates in standalone mode or can be paired with your smartphone
  • In paired mode you can send/receive text messages, pictures, routes over satellite.
  • Ability to text to/from other devices in your area
  • Also visually see where other devices are in relation to you on your map in the App


For more information email info@tmcdesign.com

Command Software

  • Secure web based login from any device platform
  • Operates off of a secure server that you can own
  • Track all your devices simultaneously in real time
  • Send/Receive text messages
  • Send devices routes,go/no-go zones, updates, and points of interest.
  • Toggle between Google Earth,road,or terrain maps.
  • View images sent from any of your devices
  • Holds archives of all your devices historical GPS tracks and messages

Phone App

  • Download the app  to a phone or tablet
  • App can be used in WiFi/cellular/or SAT mode.
  • Displays a map of where you are and where your team mates  are.
  • Allows you to communicate with your team mates and the command hub.
  • Allows the user to send/receive text messages, points of interest and send emergency messages.
  • User can send pictures back to the hub either using cellular or satellite.
  • Adjust tracking settings on the fly 
  • User can purge database if in danger of capture